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About Stellar

In the early 1980's George and Shirley Remmington started their first batch of Kombucha at their home in Nanaimo, BC. Shirley, a retired Registered Nurse with a flair for natural medicine, thought that the fermented beverage would be complimentary to their diets. George was usually up for anything Shirley was into, so he began brewing.  As time went on, Kombucha found its self as a staple in the Remmington household and the tradition became passed down through the generations.​ 

George and Shirley had very high standards for everything they did, and brewing Kombucha was no exception. This developed a fermentation style that allowed them to maximize the health benefits while maintaining outstanding taste. Our goal remains to create a distinctive, traditional Kombucha that is full of pro-biotics and health supporting bacteria!

Now over thirty-five years later, we are happy to share this gift with our community.  ​

Stellar is proudly brewed in Calgary, AB. 


We source our organic Ceylon tea from trusted growers in Sri Lanka. A blend of teas from the Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, and Uva regions offers consistently high quality tea which allows us to make the best kombucha. Many of the estates used to make our blend are part of the Fair Trade Organization, which reinvests in it's employees by providing them with propane stoves, sewing machines, latrines, and day care centres, which together offers a higher quality of life for their workers and their families.


We strive to have the lowest impact possible from production to post-consumer waste. Reducing our carbon footprint, recycling our waste, re-using & re-purposing is in everybody's best interest.

Re-using glass growlers is one of the best ways we all can reduce our carbon footprint. Please wash and reuse your growler as many times as you can, and recycle when you're done.

As Stellar grows, we plan to constantly improve our process to reduce our impact on the planet and local environment.  

Every ingredient we use is organic and preservative free. We  make our own flavors by juicing fruits and rhizomes so we can guarantee the best quality flavors.


We support our community by buying local, seasonal produce as much as possible. We are constantly cultivating our relationships with local businesses to offer you the best product while supporting the community we love.

Where to find

Where to Find Us

Currently on tap at:


Blush Lane (Aspen)

3000-10 Aspen Stone Blvd NW

Blush Lane (Bridgeland) 

617 Meredith Rd NE

Willow Natural Foods 

1419 9 Ave SE


Chris Remmington Owner/Operator

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